About the Pushpam series……..

Samskrita Pushpam series consists of 5 books. These are being republished for the sack of beginners in Sanskrit. Pushpam series has been prepared meticulously with utmost care to make the learners to understand easily with many exercises and examples. These books got appreciation accolades from many Sanskrit Scholars for its lucidity without compromising on the basic concepts of text for beginners. The series has been prepared and compiled by the teachers with vast experience in teaching Sanskrit for more than a decade in various Institutions. The basic structure of the language Samskritam has been compiled as lessons in a gradual manner ensuring the learners to attain mastery over the earlier lessons.

Our books are available in AMAZON KINDLE and also in PAPERBACK. This will be helpful to the learners from abroad to get the book in print. Kindly contact us.

Kalidasa Samskrita Kendram

SAMSKRITA BALA PUSHPAM संस्कृत बालपुष्पम्

Infant reader in Samskrit. This is the book for Sanskrit Introductory Course. This book is useful for 7 and above years. Balapushpam teaches Sanskrit alphabets and words systematically. The vowels, consonants, vowel consonants, conjunct Consonants, introduction of nouns and verbs are dealt in Bala Pushpam बाल पुष्पम्.

Kalidasa Samskrita Kendram

SAMSKRITA PUSHPAM – 1 संस्कृत पुष्पम् – १

It meant for Sanskrit Certificate Course – Part 1 & this book teaches introduction of nouns, simple present in Singular & Plural, I II & III person individually, Future Tense, Sanskrit Slokas, all 7 vibhaktis (विभक्ति:) separately, Sabdarups (ending with अ & आ), Present & Future tenses (लट् & लृट लकारौ) Indeclinable, numbers, tva & tumun suffixes (क्त्वा तुमुन् प्रत्ययौ) etc.

Kalidasa Samskrita Kendram

SAMSKRITA PUSHPAM – 2 संस्कृतपुष्पम् – २

Pushpam 2 teaches simple past & imperative mood (la=\ & laaoT\lakaraO) suffixes (क्त्वा, तुमुन्, मतुप्, वतुप्, ल्यप्), time (समय:) , lessons in simple Sanskrit describing Sanskrit literature, slokas, Sabdarup ending with इ ई उ ऊ तद् simple Conversation (वार्तालाप:), indeclinable (अव्ययानि) etc.

Kalidasa Samskrita Kendram

SAMSKRITA PUSHPAM – 3 संस्कृत पुष्पम् – ३

Pushpam 3 teaches simple lessons with stories & descriptions & subhashitas. The grammer section teaches Sandhis (स्वर व्यञ्जन), sabdarups (सर्वनाम), atmane padi verbs (आत्मनेपदी धातव:), suffixes (क्त क्तवतु तव्यत् अनीयर्) conversation (वार्तालाप:), indeclinable (अव्ययानि), adjectives (विशेषणानि).

Kalidasa Samskrita Kendram

SAMSKRITA PUSHPAM – 4 संस्कृत पुष्पम् ४

Pushpam 4 teaches the history of Harsha vardahana (राजा हर्षवर्धन:) of 6th AD in simple Sanskrit and First Sarga of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana (श्रीमद् वाल्मीकि रामायणम्) “Samkshepa Ramayanam” (संक्षेप रामायणम्) (abridged version of Ramayanam) with kinds of exercises which will enable the students to improve their quality in Sanskrit language.

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